JOIN THE CLUB that everyone is talking about!  But can't get because the demand has been so high that they have sold out of memberships!

We will be hosting a KIWI KLUB where you will receive the KIWI CLUB BOX SHIPPED DIRECTLY AND UNOPENED FROM KIWI LANE with all its contents secured and in tact.

You can choose to meet monthly or simply pick up your kit each month.  The monthly KIWI KLUB MEETING will include a sample layout class including what's inside your box.


The cost of OUR KIWI KLUB BOX is the exact price charged by Kiwi Lane:


Kit cost   $25.00

tax          $  1.75

shipping  $ 4.95

TOTAL    $31.70

We do NOT up charge you for the kit, but you get the benefit of a free layout sample/class!


Limited to only 5 KIWI KLUB MEMBERS

5 items left

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