100pcs 25-30cm Beautiful Natural Peacock Tail Feathers


We all know that the eye of the peacock is thought by many to be the harbinger of good luck. Now 100pcs charming peacock tail eyes feathers all natural with natural beautiful colors, and are widely applied as the accessories for clothes, hat, bags, headwear and ear rings. Besides, the peacock tail feathers can be used as DIY home decorations.    


- Color: As the picture shown.
- Material: Peacock tail feather.
- Size (Length): about 25-30cm. (Due to natural reason, each package of feathers may vary in length, some may be longer and some may be shorter, please understand no two feathers are exactly the same.)
- Peacock tail enjoys a popular fame for its special color and pattern in the accessories field.
- Peacock tail also valued for its good flexibility and optional chromatically.
- Can be used as centerpieces at the fanciest tables, hat trims, or made into pins of jewelry
- Also ideal for flower and feather arrangements or anything else you may want to create.
- Can also be used as home decorations. 

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